Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Electro-Optics and Functionalized Surfaces (CEFS) is to provide faculty, students, and industry in the State of Nebraska and the Nation with a globally recognized Center in metallic surface functionalization and ultrafast surface characterization (pump-probe).


The major goal of CEFS is to be a collaborative research group providing excellence in metallic surface functionalization and ultrafast surface characterization. State of the art core facilities have been established in both of these areas.


CEFS was founded in 1987 in response to the Nebraska Research Initiative (NRI). The NRI was established by the Nebraska legislature to increase economic growth and diversification within the state by developing university resources. Currently CEFS is composed of more that 30 faculty, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students from a diverse range of disciplines.


CEFS has become a nationally and internationally recognized research center. To date, the faculty of the Center have published over 500 papers and have submitted over 350 proposals. The Center has been awarded research funds in excess of $40 million dollars and has invested over $10 million dollars in research related equipment. The CEFS has educated over 200 graduate students in a wide range of disciplines.